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Overthinking is the biggest cause of unhappiness!

Spiritual Awakening for a Better World

Spiritual Awakening for a Better World

The vision of the Brahma Kumaris is to create spiritual awakening for a better world by following a Value Based Lifestyle and creating an environment of Peace, Purity & Happiness.

By recognizing the core values that lie in every human being, The Brahma Kumaris have been nurturing these values through constant practice of Raja Yoga Meditation and observing peaceful principles. Over the past 27 years of continued service, The Brahma Kumaris have made values like Purity, Peace, Love and Happiness a practical and sustainable experience in the lives of thousands of people in Sri Lanka. In recognition of our efforts, the Institution was Incorporated into Act of No 37/98, by the Parliament of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, 1998.

As a leading Spiritual Institution, the Brahma Kumaris offers people of all background an opportunity to explore the deeper secrets within one’s self and an opportunity to participate in various training modules to help develop people’s innate values and powers.

Now the tree has grown with 2000 members in more than 75 centres, sub-centres and classes situated across the country.



Meditation means charging our Battery. You can meditate while doing anything – working, moving, singing etc. It’s that simple but proper connection with the Power House is important. Therefore get simple and clear understanding about this and be refreshed throughout the day.
This will really help you to get excellent benefits from day to day matters of your life. You can realize the reality of happiness and can appreciate yourself and others as well….Try it…Be the winner of happiness…