Solutions from a Powerful Mind for the Challenges

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Date(s) : Sunday, 24th September 2017
Time : 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Vivekanantha Hall


She is a great lady who has dedicated her life for spiritual service in order to   serve humanity worldwide.  At the time when Indian women did not usually hold positions of leadership, Dr Kajaria forged her own path, renouncing family life and humbly dedicated her time and energy for improving lives.

Dr Kajaria was born in 1935 into a high middle class family in Mumbai to a Gujarat family. Although her father enjoyed success in the glamorous film industry as a film distributor, she wanted to undertake medical training to help those less fortunate than herself.

On completing her medical studies in Mumbai, she was contemplating taking her medical expertise to poor villagers when in 1962 at the age of 27 she came across the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris.

 It was at this time it was suggested that she could bring both medical and spiritual benefit by staying in Mumbai, serving in the urban community. She started a Brahama Kumaris Centre in Mumbai also continuing to run a medical practice. Convinced of the practical benefits of meditation, Dr Kajaria experimented with meditation in her treatment of patients. In 1965 she established a medical clinic specializing in diseases common to developing countries and discovered that her patients responded much better when their treatment was supplemented with meditation.

Dr Kajaria combines the pragmatic qualities of a medical doctor with the subtle spiritual understanding of a yogi. Dr Kajaria has a special interest in the fields of personal development and wellbeing. She is fascinated by observing how mental and emotional balance can be enhanced and supported by the use of meditation. She has stressed that meditation helps us to understand tension and stress, how to manage them before they get the better of us. Meditation also helps us to learn to control our thoughts in a positive way and to adjust our mental outlook so that the mind and body can regain their proper balance.  It also facilities the development of our talents and virtues for constructive and creative way of life.

As a senior she is much sought after within the BK community in India and abroad for her ability to explain complex spiritual concepts with great clarity, simply and practically. She visits BK centres all over the world, holding classes, running retreats and providing spiritual counselling. She addresses major conferences, and other events, sharing the podium with a variety of community and business leaders, government heads and others.

In various senior administrative roles Dr Kajaria oversees the planning of large –scale conferences, manages extensive resources and motivates a large workforce of volunteers.

In India at the spiritual headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris she is the director of the campus known as the academy for a better World, which hosts spiritual education programs tailored for professionals and other people of influence from all over the world such as the international ‘Peace of Mind’ retreat hosted annually since 1997.

She is a trustee of the World Renewal Spiritual Trust at the Brahma Kumaris spiritual headquarters in India.

Globally she is the regional coordinator for the Brhama Kumaris in the Asia –Pacific region, where since 1979 she has overseen expansion in 17 countries.  In dedicating her life to spiritual service with the Brahma Kumaris over the last fifty years, Dr Kajaria has participated in many public events in, over hundred  countries.

She is now in Sri Lanka and she will be addressing the public at Kotahena,   Vivekananda Hall on Sunday 24th September at 5.30 pm. She will speak on “Solutions from a Powerful Mind for Challenges”.  All are welcome and it is free of charge.  She will be leaving Sri Lanka on the 25th of this month.