Three Day Experiential Pictorial Exhibition – Badulla

Three Day Experiential Pictorial Exhibition – Badulla

Thirteen Thousand people participated and took benefit from 12 Jyothirlingam Dharshan Exhibition held at Badulla. 

The event  was inaugurated by Uva provincial Chief minister Honorable Chamara Sampath Dassenayake along with Temple priests and Buddhist Monk. Uva provincial council  Tamil Education and Road Development Minister, Honorable  Senthil Thondaman  sent his secretary Mr. Ashok to represent him. Uva province  Tamil education Director Mr. V. Karunaharan was also present at the event. Thousands of the devotees visited and worshiped India’s famous 12 Jothirlinga and got the Raja yoga introduction along with meditation experience in Meditation room. In this event was a Sacrificial fire (YagaKund). Whoever visited they had a golden opportunity to write a letter to Almighty God and handed over their weaknesses, burdens and sorrows to God in the sacrificial fire.

Honorable Member of Parliament Mr, Aravinda Kumar visited the exhibition on the second day  and shared  his experiences.  On third day, Badulla Mayor Honorable W.D Priyantha Amarasiri visited  and worshipped all 12 Jothirlinga  and mentioned in his speech that before he came here he had lot of problems on his head, and after he came and worshipped 12 Jothirlinga and sat in meditation room for 3 minutes, he felt so relaxed and peaceful.  He said it was an amazing experience and only spirituality can give this type of experience, and he requested people, each one should pay attention to empower themselves through spirituality and meditation.

The special part of this programme was Ministry of Tamil Education of Uva province sent an official letter to senior  Tamil schools along with Brahma Kumaris Jothirlinga Dharshan invitation  and  requested the school students to participate in this event. 2750 students of  33 schools had participated and got the benefit. Some  International school students also visited.

Many Temple priests, Buddhist monks, Trustees of temples, devotees, Buddhist people, Media, Professionals, Businessmen of the city, Social organizations, children, teachers and students  participated and took the benefit.Some Muslims also came and took benefit. Altogether 13, 000 people participated and got benefit.

Badulla is the main city of Uva province situated in the lower central hills of Sri Lanka.It is the capital city of Uva province and the Badulla district. Jyothirlinga Dharshan programme was held in Badulla Uva provincial Library auditorium for three days.