Self Awareness & Personal Enlightenment

Self Awareness and Personal Enlightenment Course gives us a chance to go deeper within and find out the root cause of our habits, behaviour and personality and helps us to change ourselves in a positive way. It is like analysing every action in a slow motion technique so that I find out the flaws and transform it for good. Self awareness gives us the understanding of why we act or react in situations. Our life is ruled by laws – physical, mental and spiritual laws. When we understand them properly, they help us to lead a better life.

Let me stand back and observe myself. Let me rewrite the script about Me. The most important thing is to appreciate the fact that I’m positive, I do have a resource of positive energy and feelings and potential inside.

For more information on dates and timings please contact a location near you.

This programme can be conducted for : 2hrs / 4hrs
Medium : English / Sinhala / Tamil
For Whom : Any individual who wished to lead a peaceful happy life by transforming old habits and personal traits.
For registration, please contact us via [email protected] or +94 (0) 112 717572