Self Empowerment


At the heart of the University’s teachings is The Foundation Course in Raja Yoga Meditation. This course provides a logical and practical understanding of the relationship between spirit and matter, as well as an understanding of the interplay between souls, God and the material world. The series of classes in this course will facilitate your inward journey in an efficient and effective way.




 If you are not sure that you’re ready for meditation but would like to understand your mind better, gain greater clarity and learn how to manage your thoughts, the Positive Thinking Course is for you.





Stress getting to you? Everyone experiences difficult periods in their lives when deadlines, family worries, financial pressures and or turbulent relationships take their toll on our sense of mental and physical well–being. Calm down and learn to relax through a Stress Free Living Seminar.




Values affect our lives every moment. They are a guiding force in all we do and pursue. When our values are in congruence with our actions, we are in harmony. But what are values? And how did we develop them? Introduction to values provide guiding principles and tools for the development of the whole person, recognising that the individual is comprised of physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual dimensions.

The workshops will help individuals think about and reflect on deferent values and practical implications of expressing them in relation to themselves, others, the community, and the world at large.

Purity, Harmony, Honesty, Justice, Love, Unity, Peace, Truth are some important values to the well being of humanity as a whole. They will touch the core of the individual, perhaps inspiring positive change which can contribute to world transformation. The world will automatically become a better place when each individual becomes a better person.

The seminar is taught in small and large groups. For more information on dates and timings please contact a location near you.

This programme can be conducted for : 40 minutes (Lecture) and 1 hour (Workshop)
Medium : English / Sinhala / Tamil
For whom : Any individual who wishes to lead a better life based on personal, social, moral and spiritual value.
For registration, please contact us via [email protected] or +94 (0) 112 717572


Self Awareness and Personal Enlightenment Course gives us a chance to go deeper within and find out the root cause of our habits, behaviour and personality and helps us to change ourselves in a positive way. It is like analysing every action in a slow motion technique so that I find out the flaws and transform it for good. Self awareness gives us the understanding of why we act or react in situations. Our life is ruled by laws – physical, mental and spiritual laws. When we understand them properly, they help us to lead a better life.

Let me stand back and observe myself. Let me rewrite the script about Me. The most important thing is to appreciate the fact that I’m positive, I do have a resource of positive energy and feelings and potential inside.

For more information on dates and timings please contact a location near you.

This programme can be conducted for : 2hrs / 4hrs
Medium : English / Sinhala / Tamil
For Whom : Any individual who wished to lead a peaceful happy life by transforming old habits and personal traits.
For registration, please contact us via [email protected] or +94 (0) 112 717572


Other Courses available on requests are:

  • Anger Management
  • Self Empowerment
  • Sharing Love for Unity
  • Good Wishes & Pure Feelings


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