Sri Lankan State Minister Visits BK Exhibition at “Munneswaram” Temple

Sri Lankan State Minister Visits BK Exhibition at “Munneswaram” Temple

Munneswaram, Chilaw ( Sri Lanka ):  The Brahma Kumaris arranged a Raja Yoga exhibition for two days on the occasion of the annual Chariot Festival Day at the Munneswaram Temple. An exhibition was held on the temple premises and on the nearby riverside.

For the exhibition, 12 Jyothirlingam pictures, Raja Yoga pictures, and a place for meditation were set up. Some 2,000 devotees, mainly Hindus and Buddhists, took benefit.

Sri Lanka State Minister of National Policies and Economic Affairs Honorable Niroshan  Perera visited the Exhibition. Many Buddhist monks, politicians, police officers and IPS and VIPS visited  the Rajayoga Exhibition.

The Munneswaram Temple is an important regional Hindu temple complex in Sri Lanka. It has been in existence at least since 1,000 CE, although myths surrounding the temple associate it with the popular Indian epic Ramayana, and its legendary hero-king Rama. The temple is one of the ancient Pancha Ishwarams, five famous Shiva temples in Sri Lanka.

The temple complex situated in the Chillaw district is a collection of five temples, including a Buddhist temple. The central temple dedicated to Shiva is the most prestigious and biggest, and is popular amongst Hindus. The other temples are dedicated to Ganesha, Ayyanayake and Kali. The Kali temple is also popular with Buddhists, who frequent the complex.

The presiding deity is called Sri Munnainathar (“Lord of antiquity,” alluding to its ancient roots) and the goddess is called Sri Vativampika Devi (goddess of beautiful form).