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Brahma Kumaris Sri Lanka has been involved in many spiritual and social activities throughout many years of its altruistic service. The community activities have overcome many barriers such as multi-langue, different geographical locations and many religions. It reached many districts of the country to brink benefit to many people of Sri Lanka. Many courses, workshops, training programmes, exhibitions and variety of meditation programmes have been successfully conducted in Sri Lanka by members of Brahma Kumaris.


Peace is the call of time. Everyone in this world suffer by one or another type of problem which causes peacelessness in the mind. The effect of this disturbance leads to many upheavals and it may even end up in committing suicide.

Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University has been conducting World Peace Mediation for many years. Every 3rd Sunday evening of each month is fully dedicated for World Peace Meditation. This meditation for peace is conducted in all Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centres all over the world to spread the vibrations of peace to all corners of the world.


“Serve Sri Lanka” project was implemented to create deep understanding of the true self, nature, philosophy of action and ways and means to overcome our day to day problems by having clear understanding and intellectual analysis of the problems. Hence, such higher aim is set by this project has been achieved by many people.

Serve Sri Lanka project has been implemented in many parts of the country in all the local three languages. It reached rural villages and even poorest of the poor of a community. Such was the impact of the project. As a result of serve Sri Lanka Project Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga meditation was introduced to the general public in those areas and BK Raja Yoga centres were established in cities like Rathnapura, Kurunagala, Bandarawela, Avisawela, Haputhale, etc.

Serve Sri Lanka project also backed by programmes for the businessmen on “Secrets of Success in Business” programmes.

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We have been conducting various programmes for the university staff and undergraduates for last few years. On kind request of the Carrier Guidance Unit, the programmes were conducted in Moratuwa University, Wayamba University, Jaffna University and Eastern University under the topics such as Positive Thinking, Stress Management, Self Awareness, Sharing Love for Unity, Values, Emotional Intelligence etc. and more than 1000 students and staff got benefited through the presentations, workshops, discussions and sharings.

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Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centres, Sri Lanka is well known for conducting excellent VIP programmes according to the need and call of time. Internationally and nationally well experienced professionals from their respective fields have coordinated many VIP programmes in BK Sri Lanka. The programmes were not only very successful but they also had high positive impacts on participants’ day to day life as well. The participant who benefited from these programmes were instrumental in sharing those experiences with the general public by organizing programmes.

Many higher level respective people such as higher level government authorities, judges, directors of companies, doctors, managers, respected religious leaders and other officials have been enthusiastically participated in these VIP programmes.

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Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centres, SriLanka have been frequently conducting many successful “Young Professionals programmes” by very good professionals who have benefited by Raja Yoga meditation at their professional level and following this meditation for reasonably many years.

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To bring the awareness about various diseases among people and to help the patients to heal the diseases through meditation, Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centres in Sri Lanka had been conducting a programme called “Meditation for Health” for several months in which the explanations about many diseases such as Diabetes, Liver Disease, Hyper Tension, Skin Diseases, High cholesterol, Cancer etc. were given through presentation by qualified doctors who are practicing Raja Yoga Meditation for many years. In those programmes the people were also taught how this meditation could help to heal the diseases and at the end of each programme, practically they were given the opportunity to practise this meditation with guided commentaries.

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