Young Professionals Programme

1. Topic: “Keys to Success”

A programme was organized for the Post graduate students of the Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration (SLIDA). The importance of meditation in the success of day to day life was emphasized. The newly appointed Director of SLIDA appreciated the approach and requested continues support in introducing meditation to the time table at the institution.

2. Topic: “Self Development”

The BK youth group organized and co-ordinated a two hours presentation and open forum on ‘Self Development’ at Euroville Conference Hall for Young Managers and Professionals. 55 young IPs participated and had a very interactive session.

3. Topic: “The Reality of Life – What’s happening around us”

The BK youth group coordinated an evening for Young Professionals on “The Reality of Life – What’s happening around us” at the main centre. 35 professional who were 1st time to attend a programme organised Brahma Kumaris benefited by the interactive sessions by Sister Lalitha and Sister Gopi.